An Xtracycle Bike can transform what is possible on two wheels!!  The options of what to haul and how to customize your Xtracycle for a specific task are limited only to your imagination.

Ben first started using an Xtracycle to haul various large loads around town.  Now a father, his Xtracycle Edgerunner has kept his family on the bike and out of the car for a variety of trips.  While his older kids can ride to some locations, there are places where the roads are not safe or distance is too great for them to ride their own bikes. He can now load up all three of my kids and head out to the Smithland Fields for saturday soccer games!

Whether for family use or hauling freight, an Xtracycle can open up a new world of possibilities!

A Wyse Cycle customer rides an Xtracycle with two happy kids on the back