Wheel building

The first set of wheels Ben built was for his Bridgestone MB-3, way back in the last century. Since then he's built hundreds of custom, hand-built wheels and mastered the craft of part selection, lacing, tensioning, and truing.

Boxes of spokes are arranged on a shelf

Whether you need super strong wheels for an 8,000 mile tour or light-weight tubulars for racing, Ben can help. Tandem, mountain, road, cyclocross, touring and commuting bikes can all benefit from a nice set of wheels designed around their specific needs. Let us know what kind of riding you do and we can talk about what hubs, spokes, and rims are best for your application.

Newer Isn’t Always Better

Have a vintage set of hubs that are in great shape but have worn out spokes and rims? Ben can rebuild a wheel using your existing parts and make an old wheel as good as new.