Used Bikes & Parts

Wyse Cycles sells both used bikes and used repair parts.  Our used inventory ebbs and flows, so contact us if you have specific needs or would like to know what's currently available.

Two children look up from a bin of used bicycle parts

Used Bikes

All used bikes for sale are fully serviced and ready for many miles of use. Parts subject to normal wear like tires, brake pads, and drivetrains are either new or guaranteed to have lots of life left.  Brake and shift cables are also in good shape, lubricated, or sometimes new.  Prices for our high quality used bikes typically start around $150.

Used Parts

Replacing broken parts on your bike with used parts gets your bike rolling while keeping the cost down. Used parts are also a great way to keep well-loved older bikes on the road.  Wheels, bearing parts, seatposts, shifters, derailleurs, old style brakes. etc.; all can be found in abundance at Wyse Cycles. Let us know what you need or if you would prefer used parts as part of a repair. We'll also suggest used parts if they are the best option for your repair.