Tune-ups & Repairs

Wyse Cycles provides a variety of services and repairs for all types of bikes. Below are a few of the options that Ben offers, but each repair varies some due to the specific needs each customer and bike.

Ben Wyse lubricates a cable while working on a bike

À la carte Repairs

Do you have a flat tire, wobbly wheel, or loose pedal? Or maybe you hear a metal grinding noise when you use your brakes, or a clickity racket when you try to shift. There are many specific problems that can put your bike out of commission, and Wyse Cycles is happy to address single issues à la carte style. Pricing will vary based on the job and the parts needed. Please contact Ben to discuss repair needs.


Tune-ups are an annual physical exam for your bike. They ensure that everything is working well and help prevent more expensive repairs by taking care of small problems before they become big problems. Tune-ups typically cost around $40, but discounts are sometimes available for multiple bikes at the same location (the garage full of bikes).

Tune-up Checklist

Complete Overhauls

Ben Wyse adjusts the hub of a bicycle wheel

While many shops advertise complete overhaul packages that include in depth servicing and part replacement, Ben prefers to tailor each overhaul package specific to each bike, so that you can save money and get your bike rolling sooner. Why pay for services and parts that your bike does not need? Contact Wyse Cycles to arrange a free evaluation where Ben will create a unique, comprehensive overhaul package that will ensure your bike will work as good as (or better than) new, for just the right price.

Bike Builds

Buy a bike on Ebay or from another other internet seller? Have a bike shipped back from University for the summer? Wyse Cycles offers complete and thorough assembly of bikes that are packed in a box. Prices range between $40 and $50 depending on the bike.

Special Projects

Have you caught the fixed gear bug and want to convert your old road bike? Or maybe you have an old frame that you want to build up with new parts, or an old bike that has been sitting in a garage for 20 years that you want to get back on the road? Wyse Cycles can help you with all kinds of special projects that you might want to undertake.