New Bikes & Custom builds

New bikes from the following companies are available through Wyse Cycles. Please note that while Strider and Xtracycles bikes are kept in stock, Soma and other brands are special order items. Contact Wyse Cycles to find out which Strider and Xtracycle bikes and accessories are in stock now.

Strider: Balance Bikes

A child learns to balance on a Strider balance bike

Balance bikes are a brilliant way to teach kids how to ride.  Ben started his son on a Strider at 18 months and his son loved it.  His ability to balance developed over the next 4-6 weeks.  The Strider gave him so much confidence in his balance that by the age of age of two and a half he had learned to ride a pedal bike (without training wheels). Some well-coordinated kids 4-5 years old can even learn to balance in a day!

Soma: Steel Frames & Complete Bikes

Soma makes a nice selection of complete bikes and classic steel frames for all types of riding.  For frame purchases, Ben will work with you to select a frame and then build it up with a custom selection of parts that will fit your needs.  Want to brainstorm about a project that you have been thinking about?  Get in touch with Ben to explore various options for building up a beautiful new Soma bike!

Xtracycle: Cargo Bikes

Wyse Cycles is the area's go-to resource for Xtracycle cargo bikes. Read more about Wyse Cycle's dedication to cargo and family cycling using Xtracycle bikes.