Ben Wyse has ridden a bicycle as his primary and preferred mode of transportation for over 20 years. With an interest in serving bicycle commuters, he started working at a local bicycle shop in 2001. Over the years that followed the idea of starting his own mobile bike repair business began to take shape.

Consulting with and learning from other mobile shops proved difficult, as Ben was unable to find any that used only bicycles, and not vans or trucks. So it felt to Ben like an experiment in sustainable business models when Wyse Cycles officially opened in early 2009.

Since then business has steadily grown, and Ben has found opportunities to support and advise other human-powered mobile bike shops like his in other parts of the country.

Ben Wyse works on a bike

Why Ben Rides

"Bicycle commuting has been a deeply empowering part of my life for decades. Encountering some of the pain and destruction present on this earth has inspired me to work for change through my work with bicycles. While riding a bicycle is fun, it can also transform us at a personal level, improve our communities and be a force for positive change in the broader world.

The overwhelming growth and dominance of car culture has brought with it a host of problems for our society and our planet. Maybe it's time to rethink the wisdom of our car-centric culture and look again to the bicycle for common sense transportation. While cycling is certainly only one piece of the puzzle, it could revolutionize urban transportation and move us toward a more peaceful and sustainable world."

- Ben Wyse